The team from the tourist office has ventured into the most secret corners of the Limoges Aquarium. Follow his story to discover amazing secrets behind the scenes of this site well known to Limoges!

We start with the introductions...

With its passionate expert biologists and its 2500 specimens on display, the Limoges Aquarium operates in self-funded for over 25 years ! The information panels distributed in the public reception area inform and raise awareness among families and the youngest about the safeguarding marine biodiversity.

You can discover there almost unknown specimens, from us and elsewhere : from the axolotl (the "water salamander", mascot of the Aquarium with a very friendly face), to the moray eel (and its sinister face), through the Asian or African turtles swimming freely under our feet and many more.

The Limousin Aquarium is a must-see site accessible to everyone. For example, it is possible to access information by different languages. The children can discover the Aquarium, as if they were in the world of Pokémon, with a fun course. Will they catch them all?

Caiman at the Limousin Aquarium
Caiman at the Limousin Aquarium

Every day workshops and fun activities!

Would you dare to brave nature and dip your hand to feed the caimans, piranhas and moray eels?

No, don't worry, the residents who take part in the entertainment (carps and freshwater fish) are used to being hand fed. In terms of feeling, the fish's mouth has the effect of a suction cup on the hand, so nothing too bad...

No matter when you come, you can accompany the Aquarium team through a unique experience for everyone. A caretaker will come directly to you and you can for example have the chance to visit the backstage of the Aquarium, discovering the secrets of the exciting profession of marine biologist...

Both a quarantine area for new arrivals and sick boarders, a nursery for baby seahorses, a plankton breeding area (baby hippos are hungry!), the "backstage" of the site harbors life and animation, just as bubbling as the species exhibition space.

By visiting the first part behind the scenes, the new residents are gradually accustomed to contact with visitors, before their introduction into the large basins of the site!

Family Limousin Limoges Aquarium
Discover the Limoges Aquarium with the family – © M-Turin – CRTNA

The mission of biologists does not stop there!

Did you know that in addition to its main activity, the site plays the role of “SPA refuge” for marine animals in Limousin ? On average 250 fish are saved from abandonment every year, cared for and collected in the Aquarium!

Also, it houses a innovative project of coral grafting on medical ceramics in partnership with the local company I-Ceram. Around the world, multiple species of coral are threatened by mass tourism, overfishing and damage from human activity, while corals host more than 30% of terrestrial marine biodiversity. Their conservation is therefore essential and Aquarium biologists are ardent defenders of this fight ! Through this unusual visit, they reveal all the secrets of this eco-sustainable project, which has very good days ahead of it.

Also, the Aquarium continues to highlight its values, while creating attractive experiences for visitors. Discover in a dedicated space, the woman from Corrèze who invented the Aquarium. And yes, Jeanne Villepreux Power deserves to be highlighted. On the fun side, in addition to the daily workshops, it is also possible to carry out 3 Escape Game.

During your next visit, do not hesitate to ask all the questions you want. The biologists are at your entire disposal throughout your visit to satisfy your curiosity and your thirst for information!

Coral Limousin Limoges Aquarium
Aquarium corals – © Samuel Guy Cordier


  • Every year in January, the Aquarium closes its doors for a makeover.
  • The Aquarium reinvests the profits from admissions to give life to the many projects of the biologists. Thus, this makes it possible to redevelop the living space of the marine residents as best as possible.
  • To be rediscovered each season, therefore, for new surprises and family entertainment. Also, you actively support an association dedicated to the animal protection !
  • You can ask for personalized guided tours on demand. Will you beat the record for the 8-hour guided tour?
  • From 20 people you can privatize the Aquarium for aperitifs, after it closed.
  • A word of advice: as the school holidays approach, remember to book in advance!

Useful information

  • Summer 2022 opening hours: 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (last entry 18 p.m.)
  • Prices :
  • Information and reservation : 05 55 33 42 11

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