21 October 22 October 2022

Rue de la Boucherie, Place Saint-Aurélien, Place de la Barreyrette

On the program for the taste buds: Girot, chestnut pudding, veal head and strawberries, mutton tongue, mutton balls, potato pâté, galétous… But also clafoutis and flognarde!

A typical Limougeaud party

La Frairie des Petits Ventres was created in 1973 by the association of Old Limoges to save the picturesque neighborhood of La Boucherie from destruction. The event takes place every year on third Friday in October and commemorates the memory of the guild of butchers of Limoges, once very powerful.

The inauguration by the mayor will take place at 18 h. At the same time, the statue of Notre-Dame-de-Pitié also known as Our Lady of the Small Bellies, is carried in procession, as a reminder of the tradition of ladies butchers of the rue de la Boucherie, which, in the 15th century, celebrated the Virgin under this name on September XNUMX: it was on this date that the manufacture of tripe products began again, once the summer heat had passed.

Among the products were the little bellies that gave their name to the event, lambs' stomachs stuffed with lambs' feet.

An institution in its own right!

Each year, nearly 40,000 people crowd into the butcher's street, which finds its origins for a day. A festive occasion to share a part of the history of Limoges but also a moment very friendly!

The brotherhood will be held in the rue de la Boucherie, on the place Saint-Aurélien and the place de la Barreyrette.

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