If the city is known for its porcelain, the heritage of Limoges is rich in surprises, details and monuments all resulting from local know-how. So look up and let yourself be guided through narrow streets paved with gazettes and century-old porte-cocheres.

On the trail to discover the city of Limoges

Fancy a destination combining dynamism, quiet strength and simplicity of living ? welcome to
limoges, world capital of fire arts! Here, civilizations mingle to form a city with a rich and multiple heritage. Discover historical sites witnesses of times
gone through two walking circuits drawn up by the Villes d'Art et d'Histoire de la
city ​​of Limoges Métropole.

The History of Limoges

Over the ages, Limoges, formerly known as the Roman of Augustoritumis
changed many times. Founded near a ford on the Vienne, the city with 2000 years of history is based on two historical hearts :

  • La Ville Haute – former district of the Château des Viscounts.
  • La Cité – former city of the Bishop, surrounding the Saint-Étienne cathedral.

The famous Limoges-Bénédictins station whose reputation shines internationally is not the only asset of the city. Indeed, whether you have hunger for delicacies or thirst for culture, here, everyone will find what they are looking for and to be sure, two routes starting from the Tourist Office are available!

The Upper Town: traditional urban inspiration

The historic core of Limoges formed in the Middle Ages, this part of the city today offers a
varied city landscape compound period half-timbered houses, classical buildings and
modern. This walk in the Limougeaud center allows during two o'clock to make pretty
discoveries to become a destination expert. Will you be tempted by shopping
in local craft shops or will you succumb to the delights of the central Halles?

The City: a local historical pride

The Cathedral Quarter called the city developed from XNUMXth century around the sanctuary
Christian founded by Saint Martial. Formerly a religious district, it has become the tourist heart of the city. Here, locals and visitors will go back in time to medieval times before enjoying the natural setting of the Banks of Vienna. To end on a high note, the circuit offers a visit to the station district, a suburb built in the XNUMXth century and whose reputation is second to none.

The guide book available online!

So as not to get lost and above all, take advantage of short stories about the various must-see sites in Limoges, this little booklet is the perfect companion! Available at the Tourist Office, it is also
downloadable online for free. Once in your pocket, all you have to do is put on your best
shoes and set off to (re)discover Limoges!

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