Obviously when we say “Limoges” we think “Porcelain”. But make no mistake, our excellent know-how is not limited to white gold. Email, leather, sewing workshops, skincare products… To prolong the pleasure of shopping 100% made in France and craftsmanship in the limousine.

Around enamel, at the origin of the arts of fire

In addition to Porcelain and Stained Glass, Enamels complete the Arts of Fire trio for which the capital of Limoges is renowned. Today, a new generation of enamel designers perpetuates this know-how and defends the Enamel on metals sector thanks to the Professional Syndicate of French Enamellers, association created in 1937 in Limoges.

Leather & Shoes, where to find shoes that fit

Limoges and the surrounding areas have a whole history around shoes and leather. As a legacy, you will inevitably find the right shoes for your feet in the factory store of the famous Limoges brand. JM Weston the famous French chic, or that of the company Azure Dance based in Verneuil sur Vienne – manufacturer of MERLET dance shoes and slippers (pointes, demi-pointes, ballroom shoes, various accessories, etc.) and high-end indoor and outdoor shoes from HELLER and EXQUISE – but also at the high-end brand for women Parallel in Rochechouart. Also find smaller companies like UNIQUE, specialist in customizable leather sneaker. It is also possible to visit the factory and meet the people there who will completely create your sneakers!

We also suggest the Erel slippers in Limoges, without forgetting the socks Broussaud to Cars for your greatest comfort. Beyond Limoges, extend the journey around leather by discovering Saint-Junien gloves !

Dress 'made in France' in Limoges

Push the doors of the Maison Lou Kasatché, a couture house offering bespoke creations of wedding, ceremony and cocktail dresses… or even the corsetry workshop-boutique of the Corseted Fairy. And for costumes, think of the house's clothing workshops Smuggler located in Limoges.

Skincare products, naturally

Good addresses to take care of yourself with a wide choice soaps, body and cleaning products … See you at the Limoges soap factory, Nature & Limousin soap factory, Fardissou farm ou Solibio, guaranteed 100% natural, it's good for health and scented cravings.

So treat yourself and push the doors of the many Arty workshops, boutiques and galleries that offer lots of small objects and productions from local designers or their selections. They will not fail to charm you.

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