Are you a committed professional and proud of your Destination? Join our community of ambassadors, a network of more than 200 players ready to support and promote the assets of Destination Limoges. This gives access to collective moments (visits, events, workshops), as well as personalized promotion of yourstructure.

Being an ambassador is…

Single visit
OTI Limoges AS Dubreuil


Guided tours offered

Every month, ambassadors are invited by the Tourist Office to participate in free guided tours of cultural and tourist places at our partners. In particular, they will allow you to meet different actors of the territory.

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Meeting between Limoges ambassadors
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Meetings between ambassadors

The ambassador network is above all committed professionals wishing to meet and (re)discover the Destination. Indeed, they have the common objective of cultivating a positive image where everyone can praise our Destination Limoges in their own way.


OTI Limoges


A reflection on strategy

Every year, the ambassadors meet alongside the Tourist Office team to reflect on the different strategic targets of the organized structure. The main areas of reflection concern the communication, websites and marketing.

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Promoting your activity

To be an ambassador is above all to benefit from many benefits to meet, exchange and share such as access to our tourist documentation, the promotion of your activity on our networks, Grand Site website (Permanent page and mention in blog posts).

10 good reasons to become an ambassador

  1. One membership event per month
  2. Access to partner offers
  3. Provision of sticker and partner poster
  4. Submission of flyers, brochures and communication materials
  5. Display of partners in the first results of the website and digital terminals
  6. Development of partnerships (competitions, influencers, press receptions)
  7. Presence in our guides (practical Guide, gourmand)
  8. Participation in boards and office (On application)
  9. Possible presence in our Book
  10. Access to visibility offers +

The 2024 ambassador brochure

Want to be more visible?

Visibility offers +

For even greater visibility in our communication actions

Visibility + offers are offers offered by the tourist office, in addition to membership. They allow the partner to benefit from specific additional visibility in the tourist office materials.

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Visibility offer +

1 advertising insert in the practical guide

Le practical Guide is a support printed in 6 copies and also used in digital format by the tourist office. It is distributed to tourists and compiles providers from several areas into a single document, in order toencourage visitors to discover new places.

Visibility offer +

A week of digital visibility

This strategy allows the partner to benefit for a week from digital visibility with an average of 10 000 visitors on the page where digital visibility will be set up.

Visibility offer +

1 Real, 3 stories, 3 photos

This service is carried out on the social network Instagram from the tourist office: tourismlimoges. This allows visibility on an account to more than 12 subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an ambassador?

A committed professional wishing to participate in the promotion of our destination, Limoges.

How to become an ambassador?

By completing the membership form, and paying the membership fee of 50 euros.

What are the advantages ?

You are therefore part of a large network of professionals and benefit from active promotion on our website or our social networks, with the possibility of benefiting from visibility offers +.

How long does membership last?

A calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

Our ambassadors are waiting for you!

Lucas Nadot, project manager and ambassadors

Lucas Nadot

Project Manager – Ambassador Relations

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