Destination Limoges in photos is good, in video, it's better! Live from Youtube, on the Limoges Tourisme channel, set off to (re)discover our cultural and natural heritage. A breath of fresh air delivered directly to your home.


Immerse yourself in the city of arts and fire with our Destination Limoges web-series! Explore the many facets of Limoges through all our episodes.
On video

The web-series made in Limoges 

Having at heart the enhancement of our Destination, the 2021 objective for the Limoges Métropole Tourist Office (OT) was to get out of the traditional communication systems, show our know-how in an original way. Thus, the Office and its Board of Directors met with the local solidarity agency La Belle Verte who gave birth to the idea of ​​a web-series. The Tourist Office was immediately won over by the project, particularly when the name of Nicholas Fay. Indeed, the series of this local producer Resistants caught the eye, it carrying the same values ​​as the Tourist Office including: local pride. Magnificent images to discover on the Youtube channel : Limoges Tourism

Episode 19 – 1001 Notes

Created in 2005 and organized every year at the end of July, the 1001 Notes Festival welcomes thousands of festival-goers and many renowned artists highlighting young musicians and creations. RDV from July 25 to 29, 2023 at the Patinoire de Limoges transformed into a performance hall.

Episode 18 – Urbaka

URBAKA is an unmissable festival that opens the summer season and offers moments of surprise, astonishment and magic to share with your family and whatever your age. RDV from June 28 to July 1, 2023 for this 100% free event.

Episode 17 – Cops and Robbers Race

The race of the gendarmes and time thieves is the sporting meeting of Pentecost not to be missed near Ambazac, 20 minutes from Limoges: “Le Grand Trail du Limousin” of 52 km, “Les Voleurs de time” in 32 km, but also races of 20, 10 km, hikes, “Canitrail and…

(Re)discover the episodes

Fantastic actors on their way to Hollywood!

When press conference announcing the launch of Web series, those who helped make this project a reality gathered for a souvenir shot worthy of the biggest studios. here is full cast list appearing in the 10 episodes:

  • Baptiste Calandre, The Poplar
  • Beatrice Castaner, Francophonies
  • Benjamin Chantemargue, InSiLiBio
  • Benoît Coquart, LEGRAND Group
  • Claire & Gaël, the Sailles Farm
  • Delphine Camilleri, LEGRAND Group
  • Emile Roger Lombertie, Mayor of Limoges
  • Florent Mourieras, Catalent
  • Françoise Archambeaud, University Hospital of Limoges
  • Gilles Dudognon, The Saint-Martin Chapel
  • Guillaume Guérin, President of LM
  • Hassane Kassi Kouyaté, Francophonies
  • Hélène Huret, Bernardaud Foundation
  • Jean-Emmanuel Gilbert, Aquassay
  • Jean-Yves Salle, University Hospital of Limoges
  • Laure Sandoval, SANODEV
  • Laurent Girard, OTI Limoges
  • Lyly Keomany, Food Mood Tour
  • Marie-Anne Saint-Hubert, MASH
  • Maxime Jouaud, InSiLiBio
  • Michel Bernardaud, Bernardaud Foundation
  • Mohamed Diawara, FR viet vo dao Champion
  • Nicolas Picard, SANODEV
  • Sylvie Rozette, President of the OTI
  • Thomas Hirat, Casseaux oven

Want more? Direction Youtube

Until today, from lots of video content were made by theLimoges Metropolis Tourist Office or through partnerships with local videographers. Thereby, the Limoges Tourism youtube channel allows discover Destination Limoges from anywhere, on all your screens and above all, through a new and dynamic look.

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