In 1768, kaolin called "white gold", an essential clay for obtaining porcelain comparable to that of China, was discovered near Limoges in Saint Yrieix La Perche by Madame Darnet.

Since then, artists have continued to innovate in forms and decorations. Renowned creators and young designers, associated with companies, they innovate and renew the traditional image of porcelain in tableware.

Iconic porcelain works

The town hall fountain

A monumental fountain to adorn the town hall, such was the request of the city council in 1889, to make tribute to the arts of fire. This recently restored 9m high fountain is a real gem designed by the architect Charles Genuys with students from the Art Deco school in Limoges and Paris. It is composed of a basin and two porcelain basins. In the center four geniuses in the Italian style of the time personify the know-how related to porcelain. It has remained today a haven of freshness and beauty for all passers-by.

URBACER porcelain furniture presented in front of the town hall. Creations of the Arquié factory in partnership with Marc Aurel.

Central halls, Place de la Motte, 1889

under the cornice, a frieze of 328 porcelain panels grand feu produced by the Guérin factory showcases the products and puts them on sale inside the halls. A
magnificent decor which presents meat animals, poultry, fish,
crustaceans, fruits, flowers... Each section is framed by a relief panel bearing
theinitial of the city.

Adrien Dubouché National Museum

Jean-Pierre Viot and Haguiko, Totem "a suite" 2010
A symbolic work of the contemporary French scene installed at the entrance to the museum
2010 as part of the 1% artistic.

« Tribute to a magnificent couple of two exceptional ceramists who share their passion for the earth to defend a certain ideal of ceramics. » Marielle Ernould-Gandouet, critic and historian of ceramics.

Javier Perez, SOURCE, 2004
In the landscaped garden in front of the main façade, on either side of the central aisle, two people
porcelain heads pierced with tiny holes become fountains,
" a truly
metaphor for the outpouring of creative thought”.

Ceramic staking

Immerse yourself in the porcelain of Limoges through the streets thanks to the interactive map. In partnership with the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the City of Limoges launched a public artistic commission at the end of 2016 to create a ceramic layout in the city centre. Elements in "Bleu de four" inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi will come to sublimate what time has degraded.

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