In the heart of town, in the pedestrian area, on the Place de la Motte, formerly a motte castle and very close to the magnificent "village" of La Boucherie with its half-timbered houses, stroll through this building which is one of the most beautiful halls in France.

A little bit of history

Listed as historical monuments since on August 16, 1976, This majestic building was inaugurated on December 15, 1889 replacing another wooden hall who was moved Carnot square and which is still active (and worth a visit). Those are disciples of Eiffel, the Pesce and Lévesque engineers who set to work.

And what does she look like?

Unquestionably, Eiffel immediately comes to mind when you discover its imposing metal frame in one piece! The structure of 50 meters long and 35 wide recalls the Baltard pavilions with the metal of course, but also the bricks of Burgundy and the windows typical of this period. But what makes her so unique is its porcelain frieze composed of 368 tiles representing animals and fruits sold inside!

In May 2018, one hundred and thirty-one years after its construction, the Central Halls of Limoges begin a radical and life-saving renovation. On November 23, 2019, the new Halles Centrales will be unveiled to visitors.

The central market

Address: de la Motte, 87000 Limoges


  • Tuesday – Wednesday: 7am-13pm
  • Thursday – Sunday: 7am-15pm
  • Nocturne every 2nd Friday of the month

Les Halles: it has become unmissable!

Les Halles transformed have become the rallying point for many Limoges of all generations who come to do their shopping in comfort and rediscovered aesthetics.
It is also now the place to meet up with friends, to taste local specialties on the corner of a counter like potato pie (brioche or puff pastry, the subject is delicate), the stuffed galletous, the chestnut fondant or the institution: the famous beignet des Halles.

We can attack more seriously a limousine rib steak in one of the two convivial restaurants with large tables and benches. A bit of exoticism? Oysters accompanied by a small white, good homemade pasta or a delicious royal or vegetarian couscous it is also possible!

Les Halles Centrales, listed since the renovation one of the most beautiful halls in France the magazine it's also all nocturnes the second Fridays of the month, temporary exhibitions, event evenings and quite simply there where the friendliness of the people of this country is certainly revealed!

Les Halles Carnot

Address: Place Sadi Carnot, 87000 Limoges


  • Monday: 8 p.m.-13 p.m.
  • Tuesday – Saturday: 7am-13pm

Learn more

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And why not do a visit to the Limoges Tourist Office? the tour guides as fascinating as they are gourmet will bring you at dawn to the awakening of the Halles with tastings to boot. 

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