To the north of Limoges, discover Bonnac la Côte and its many outdoor activities. 

A natural city

While strolling in Bonnac la Côte you will quickly notice theauthenticity from the community. You will come across his roman style church, its many water points but especially on The site of the hamlet of Salesse, a remarkable place located in a natural setting.

Bonnac la Côte rhymes with walk and relax with its paths hiking, mountain biking, horse riding but also its labeled circuits Nordic's walk. Hiker friends, you must not miss the mill and Leychoisier Waterfall. For our fishing friends, themortmare pond is made for you ! It offers a green and peaceful setting.

Take a ride to her weekly market to buy vouchers local produce such as cheeses, seasonal fruits and vegetables, jewelry and more!

Between two activities, you can ask yourself at the Castel campsite “Château de Leychoisier”" which offers an exceptional setting. Surrounded by vegetation, the campsite surrounds a majestic castle registered as monument

Our three favorites

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