To the north of Limoges is the birthplace village of Saint-Eloi, Chaptelat. Commune where the Aurence takes its source, Chaptelat is known to be the native village of Saint-Eloi, goldsmith then master enameller. 

In the footsteps of Saint Eloi in Chaptelat 

As you walk through the village, you will quickly come across the famous church that bears his name. To follow in his footsteps, discover theChurch of Saint-Eloi in Chaptelat dating from the twelfth century. A authentic and old building Do not miss. Legend has it that the church was built on the site of his birthplace. Every seven years, Saint-Eloi is honored during the display of his relics.

Explore the village and its surroundings via several hiking trails passing through the village. And for those who prefer cycling, Chaptelat is a stopover point on the Limoges – Saint-Pardoux lake cycle route. Drive through the Limousin countryside and discover its many viewpoints. Garage sale, bingo and other festivities, Chaptelat is the village that does not lack dynamism!

Our three favorites 

  • The old normal school who trained hundreds of teachers
  • The magnificent view from the Mazeretas site
  • the source of Aurence creek

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