Condat-sur-Vienne is a dynamic town where sport, celebration and cultural heritage come together.

The dynamic country town

Condat-sur-Vienne takes its name from the Latin word “Condate” which means “Confluence” since the town is located at the junction of the Vienne and Briance valleys. The city is both rural with its natural spaces but also urban with its shops! You can walk to St. Martin's Church registered atgeneral inventory of cultural heritage

Borrow it Virgin Trail, a circuit that takes you to the banks of the Vienne and offers magnificent viewpoints throughout the walk. 

Meet the essential Crystal factory of Saint Paul ! Specializing in the production of enamel powder for jewelry and glasses, the company perpetuates know-how recognized worldwide

Condat sur Vienne is a dynamic city with several sports complexes as skatepark, a city stadium, a BMX track but also thanks to its numerous associations. 

Our three favorites

  • The Villain's Cross
  • The Path of the Virgin
  • The monumental tomb of Paulin Talabot who contributed to the development of the railroad 

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