Separated from Limoges by the Aurence, Couzeix offers beautiful buildings and beautiful walks. The city has not finished surprising you!

Couzeix, little Limoges

The city spreads over a territory verdant and hilly, it is crossed by two beautiful valleys, that of Champy and that of Coyol. As you walk around town, you'll come across theChurch of St. Mary Magdalene dating from the twelfthe century. Planted on the highest point of the village, it is listed in thegeneral inventory of cultural heritage. To the northeast of the city you will find the small and charming St. Martin's Chapel built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. 

A little further south, discover the historic monument Castle of Mas de l'Age. It is an old feudal castle with moats and ponds built between the XVe and the XVIe century. And if you are still not satisfied with castles, we offer you the Cayol Castle, historic property is beautiful! 

Nature activities

For bird lovers, discover the bird garden of Couzeix! Take the time to admire its 1000 species shrubs and perennials, its trees and shrubs with berries or fruits. And if you still need a bit of nature we offer you a Circuit from Landouge to Couzeix. You will pass through the forest all along the Aurençous stream to have a little more freshness. 

But Couzeix is ​​also his Racecourse ! It's'one of the oldest in France. Throughout the year, it hosts many activities and annual competitions. To eat, you have the choice between the restaurant Celtic or cozei with a frame cozy and conviviall, perfect for getting together with friends or family!

Our three favorites

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