East of Limoges is the small village of Aureil. Rich in history, you can discover a heritage that takes you back in time... If his name intrigues you, come and discover its history... 

A village that takes you back in time 

From its original name Silvaticus which means "the forest”, Aureil was founded in the XNUMXth century by a man named Left-handed . Guided by an ecclesiastical life, he went to discovery from Limousin. The legend tells that a dove which did not cease taking the thatch of its hut in the direction of Aureil. This is how he built a monastery dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist. Since then, we celebrate Gaucher and his companion Faucher every 7 years for the Septennial ostensions

But where does this name come from? The name “Aureil” would date fromGallo-Roman period when a gold mine was discovered! So maybe you will find a treasure…?

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