Intro: To the south-west of Limoges, there is a haven of peace where nature takes over. Between parks, castles and mansions, Isle is a city that will seduce you...

Isle, town-nature between the valley of the Vienne and the Aurence

Isle takes its name (Isla Peninsula) from the two valleys that surround it since it is located between the valley of the Vienne and the Aurence. In a natural setting, Isle is an ideal environment for enjoy the greenery. Between his flower gardens and its many green spaces, the city is ideal for walking or playing sports! 

If nature is very present in the city, it is the same for its cultural heritage. During your visit, right in the center of the city, enter St. Martin's Church dating from the XNUMXth century inscribed monument. We find several castles and mansions in Isle. 

Varied activities to discover

At the Maison du temps libre, take part in its small fairs and exhibitions such as the children's book fair or for the greediest the chocolate lounge. A stone's throw away, you will find many shows in the auditorium of the Cultural Center.

For even more activities, go to the Bayles Park. You will find a nice swimming pool outside for sunbathing and swimming during the summer, but also the city-stadium of Hautes Bayles. Stop at Chabroulie Castle, a romantic castle with old buildings. An accommodation where you can rest while enjoying its beauty. 

Our three favorites

  • Le Chabroulie Castle 
  • St. Martin's Church
  • Bayles Park

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