Discover the old village of Rilhac-Rancon and the Limousin bocage north of Limoges.

the pure Limousine campaign 

A stone's throw from Limoges is the small town of Rilhac. It would hold its name thanks to a certain Rialus or Relliacum, which means little king, at the beginning of the Christian era. Explore Rilhac-Rancon which has a charming little heritage. In this pretty Limousine countryside, you will findancient bridges and wells but also old mills. In the heart of its old town, theSt. John the Baptist Church built in 1866 dominates. Not far from there is his famous cross and the Saint-Jean fountain witness of another era. 

Trails along the water

And if you want to discover the village even more, we recommend that you take one of its two paths. With the Path of the ponds, you will follow the big Guillot pond and meander through the villages of Les Mines and Alleue. On the way you will come across streams and ponds. For a shorter ride, we suggest the Moulin Chabrou trail. It has many water points but above all you will come across the Moulin de Chabrou, a must in Rilhac-Rancon! 

The city has more than thirty associations of all kinds, so you won't get bored! You will also find theSpace Mazelle proposing a rich programming and complete between concerts, shows for young audiences, screenings, exhibitions… 

Our three favorites

  • The Moulin de Chabrou
  • Guillot pond 
  • The St Jean fountain

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