A former Gallic village, let yourself be charmed by Saint-Gence and its vestiges dating from another era... 

the Gallic city

We go back in time in Saint-Gence since we find traces of Gallic occupations dating from the end of the IIIe and IIe century BC It is assumed that it was the capital of Lemovices, a famous Gallic people from Europe. Many objects of the daily life of this people were found. Saint Gence therefore decided to make a museum ! You can therefore find some of the discoveries made during ten years of excavations in the village. 

But the village has even more to offer! If you walk through its old town you will come across its magnificent Saint Gentien church, registered under the monuments. And if you haven't had enough historical heritage, take a look at the Chassagne Castle dating from the sixteenthe century but also in Monts Castle dating from the same period. 

Stroll around the village since in Saint-Gence you will find several hiking trails allowing you to discover peaceful ponds, shaded paths and majestic trees. leave in the footsteps of the Lémovices and the history of the ancient Gallic city while discovering the small heritage of Senon on the road. 

The choice is wide for you to eat: the Chassagne farm cooks its own products for you, the Chevillou mill welcomes you in a bucolic setting, ideal for families and the Vallicella inn immerses you in a medieval atmosphere!

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