Bordered by the Vienne, Verneuil sur Vienne offers a diversity of landscapes. During one or more walks, take a look at its verdant territory !

the village of 1000 landscapes

In the center of the village between the town hall and the Pennevayre Castle almost in ruins you will find theChurch of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens with a Limousin Romanesque style from the XNUMXthe century. Continue the walk crossing the Vienne with the Gabie Bridge where Verneuil sur Vienne and Saint-Priest-sous-Aixe meet. 

Take advantage of two natural spaces right in the center: the Troubadours Park and Pennevayre Park for a walk, a picnic or their playgrounds. Borrow one of the two hiking trails for explore the flora and fauna of Verneuil sur Vienne but also some of its remains. Passing through the Vineyard Trail, you will find Chancellor's Cross and “keyboard”, chestnut dryer. If you go through the Two Streams Trail you will come across his old laundry

Also take a trip to the Forest of Vaseix with the Trail around the big wood where you can admire tall majestic trees in peace. A stone's throw from the forest, the Otter Center regularly offers Nature activities for young and old.

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