With these many urban parks and gardens, pedestrian circuits. its natural spaces, the water, the rivers, the vegetation, but also its fauna... Lots of little corners of greenery bring their share of urban scenery to Limoges. We take advantage of it during walks, appointments in the open air, but also with the help of online tools. Apps that list a multitude of walking paths and invite you to become active observers of this surrounding nature.

Urban parks & gardens with different atmospheres

Bishop's Gardens, Victor Thuillat Park, Aurence Parks, Moulin Pinard Park, Mas Jambost Park or the Auzette Garden just a stone's throw from the paths on the banks of Vienna…  Whether flowery, for relaxation, for walks, by the water, Limoges is full of parks and gardens, each with their plant particularities and atmospheres, you will therefore necessarily find a garden in town made for you. To make the most of the fall colours, the blossoming of spring or a bit of freshness in the middle of summer, there's nothing like going to discover them all!

The unavoidable !

Gardens of the Bishop's Palace

Located at the foot of the gothic Saint-Etienne cathedral and the former episcopal palace now occupied by the Limoges Museum of Fine Arts, they will not fail to seduce you. Tiered on different terraces overlooking the Vienne, they reveal many treasures: French garden, Botanical Garden etc.

Aurence Park

It is a large forest park crossed by the aurence river and part of which is reserved for animals: for the greatest pleasure of children (and adults). In addition to strolling through the undergrowth or along the river, you can chatting with a Senegal dwarf goat and discover its congeners: guinea fowl from Africa, angora goat from Tibet, or Limousin rooster. 

Victor Thuillat Park

Dreaming friends, in search of serenity and relaxation, go to the Victor Thuillat park which is a fine example of English garden : varied species, remarkable trees, quietly meandering river, irregular shapes... The aesthetic here favors the rediscovery of nature under its “wild” appearance.

auzette park

This park covers part of the edges of Vienna and Auzette is a river which flows into the Vienne between two bridges, the Pont-Neuf and the Pont Saint-Martial. We meet there for a little freshness, to walk, to walk our dog or even to go jogging. Here and there it's like being in the forest, the rustling of the water attests to the calm that reigns there. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. In the park, we talk, we play basketball or we watch our children play on the swing or the turnstile.

Walk around Limoges

Limoges hiking trails

To find the walking trails in Limoges Métropole, the urban community, whether you are a walker, beginner hiker or seasoned athlete, there is an online platform specializing in these hiking trails: Walks & You.

Find out through it all the circuits of the territory and, along the way, unearth the hidden treasures of our heritage. According to your desires, your level or even your curiosity, make your choice among the dozens of routes offered. Put on your sneakers or hiking boots, pack your picnic and click on the link below. Let's go !

Wild nature: an application to identify local animal species

Do you like looking for the little beast? You have the soul of a naturalist and want protect local species who surround you? While walking in nature or even from your terrace, do you have the chance to observe the local fauna?

Census set up by the Urban Community of Limoges Métropole

Perhaps the species you saw is one of the 14 species that Limoges Métropole invites you to identify in its application "Wild nature". To find out and record your observation in less than a minute and advance knowledge of nature on the territory, you can go to the tool and thus transmit your observations live.

This digital platform is part of a group of tools developed by Limoges Métropole to to improve knowledge of its natural environment. Each observation feeds the Wild Nature Atlas, where interactive maps present the state of the populations of the different species proposed for the census.

The app and its features

  • TO EACH HIS LANDSCAPE. groups the animals according to the places where they can be observed, to better prepare your future walks.
  • TO EACH HIS FAMILY. an atlas to inform you about families of animals: groups Mammals, Birds, Insects. 
  • TO EACH HIS CHALLENGE. an atlas to choose your observations according to the level of difficulty specific to each species. 
  • FIELD NOTEBOOK. collects your notes and geolocates your reports. To do this, nothing could be simpler, click on "Transmit my observations" and fill out the form

These data are processed by Limoges Métropole thanks to the Community Observatory of Biodiversity. They are then used in the context of Biodiversity development or protection projects.

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