On foot or by bike, in the air or on the water, the territory offers a wide choice of natural or built heritage, varied landscapes, encounters and discoveries of all kinds.

The Monts de Blond, stones and legends

This small mountain, framed by the villages of Cieux, Mortemart, Blond and Breuilaufa, shelters huge granite chaos with astonishing forms, among which abound the legend stones. A picturesque road winds from valley to valley, meeting menhirs, dolmens and natural rocks. The hills, invaded by thickets and conifers, are interspersed glittering ponds on shady shores.

The megaliths Monts de Blond are remarkable menhirs and dolmens, scattered, precious testimonies of the first Neolithic funerary monuments (between 4500 and 1800 BC). 

The Corot site, in Saint Junien

The Corot site in Saint-Junien is a preserved natural environment, dedicated to the painter Jean-Baptiste Corot, who found inspiration in the beauty of the landscape. The walk is pleasant and very popular with Saint-Juniauds who like to come for a walk on the hottest summer days to take advantage of the freshness of the undergrowth.

The place is ideal for a picnic break, fishing or jogging. Moreover, for families, a riddle course has been designed. Children who find the mystery word can go to the Tourist Office to collect a small gift.

Get some fresh air less than 1 hour from Limoges

The Regional Natural Park of Millevaches in Limousin: take to the skies

The Millevaches Regional Nature Park in Limousin was created in 2004. It extends over the 3 departments of the former Limousin region, encompassing seven landscaped areas including the Vienne valley (which has its source there), Vassivière lake and its surroundings, the Monédières massif or the sources of the Millevaches plateau with the Longéroux peat bog. The park, whose plant and animal heritage is of great diversity, has taken as its emblem the otter. 

Park House

  • Address: 7 route d'Aubusson, 19290 Millevaches
  • Tel: +05 55 96 97 00 XNUMX
  • Website 

The Périgord Limousin Regional Nature Park: where nature and culture go hand in hand

At the PNR Périgord Limousin, Thickets and thickets alternate with dark clearings. The hamlets are dotted with clediers, wells and devotional fountains. On the road Richard Coeur de Lion, where castles and fortified houses stand, you will admire the frescoes of the Salles Lavauguyon church, the sumptuous Montbrun castle or the imposing Chalucet fortress.

The natural park covers 1800 km straddling the Dordogne and Haute-Vienne. It conceals a wide variety of remarkable natural sites – ponds, bogs, forests, giant crater – and an interesting fauna (16 species of bats, 110 species of birds, otters and European minks). The chestnut trail located in the conservatory chestnut grove of Dournazac is dotted with illustrated explanatory panels on the history and life of the chestnut. 

Park House

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