In Limoges, the first "enamel" is more than a thousand years old. Nothing to do with the Internet, of course, but in Limoges, "enamel" is conjugated in the plural "enamels". It designates a plate of copper, or more precious metal, covered with powders of different colors which become vitrified during cooking.

We will explain everything to you

The first champlevé enamels are produced from the XIe century. It is a question of applying the powders in cavities dug in the copper plate (whose field we surveyed). These items are intended for religious use : crosses, reliquaries, binding plate for liturgical books, etc. They constitute the Work of Limoges whose fame extends into the medieval Christian West.

Enamels painted in the spirit of the Renaissance are highly prized for their scenes inspired by antiquity. Mythological figures, allegories or rural scenes replace religious representations. Kings and princes do not hesitate to have themselves represented under character traitsare ancient. This trend continued until the XNUMXth century and reappeared around the middle of the XNUMXth century.

Where to see enamels? 

On the occasion of the Impertinent event

Impertinent is a multi-site cultural and artistic event, with a unifying spirit, dedicated to a rare know-how, enamel on metal. Nearly 30 years after the last edition of the International Biennial – The Art of Enamelling in Limoges, the Professional Syndicate of French Enamellers (SPEF) wished to renew with an open and stimulating event for the business Art.

At the Museum of Fine Arts

The museum presents a unique collection of enamels in the world (enamel on champlevé copper from the Middle Ages, painted enamels from the Renaissance, but also art-deco or contemporary).

At the Canal Gallery

In the heart of the Boucherie district, the canal brings together, in the form of an association, artists and artisans who have willingness to share their work. This is an opportunity for the visitor to discover enamel in its different forms, to exchange with the artists, because everyone participates in welcoming the public in this beautiful space, or even to treat themselves to one of the exhibits. .

In the jar 

In this gallery, young creators seize the traditional know-how to give colors and a contemporary style. All budgets. 

In the showcase of excellence at Limoges station 

A presentation arch is dedicated to email alongside other excellent know-how in our region (porcelain, leather, wood-paper, etc.).

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