If the fame of Limoges comes from its Arts of fire which are porcelain and enamel, we know less about the ultimate know-how of this trio, an art a little more unsuspected but with History and Technique just as much rich: the Art of Limougeaud Stained Glass.

The stained glass windows of Limoges

After the heyday of the medieval period, during which the berries of the gothic churches wear beautiful stained glass (Saint-Michel-des-Lions and Saint-Pierre-du-Queyroix churches), the art of stained glass finds a new lease of life at the dawn of Twentieth century With l'Art Nouveau et art deco in secular (Pavillon du Verdurier, Gare des Bénédictins) and religious (Church of the Sacred Heart) buildings in Limoges.

Among the unmissable big names: Francis Chigot, one of the most famous glass masters. We find in particular his work on stained glass windows dressing the magnificent architecture of the Limoges-Bénédictins station, reflecting patterns of chestnut leaves with each ray of sunshine.

Also, to better discover the technique of stained glass, The stained glass workshop is a company which continues, even today, the work of the latter and which generally offers open to the public occasionally heritage days or by appointment.

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