Embark on colorful stories about Limoges and its surroundings. Inspired by the world game Geocaching, Terra Aventura allows you to discover the local heritage through riddles and treasure hunts.

How to play ?

With over 400 discoveries in unusual places in the region and 7 routes on Destination Limoges, go in search of hidden QR codes using your smartphone and clues left by the little characters who answer to the name of Poï'z. So, ready for the adventure?

Personalized QR codes are scattered in nature, your objective is to find them. Once the course has started on 100% free app, it's a real cultural story that starts. Throughout the riddles and other activities (Augmented Reality, etc.), the answers will open the way to the final coordinates thus unveiling the coveted QR Code. All you have to do is flash it to conclude the adventure and find the hiding place that will reveal to you the weights!

A real discovery of the region

Alone, with friends or family, reflection will be required to discover the Poï'z who hides behind the QR Code. These little characters with a strong character come to punctuate the routes and guide the adventurers through the history of the various emblematic sites. They come in the form of collectible badges !

2 new routes




This new sports course, one of the only ones in the region, is done by bike over 14km. The start is at the Raymond Poulidor velodrome and offers you all along the route beautiful viewpoints. Go… to your pedals, get set, go!

Municipality of Veyrac



Put on your shoes and bring your backpack for a walk around the reused sculptures in Veyrac.

7 caches to discover in Limoges and its surroundings

Terra Adventure


All in Celtic – Saint Gence

Set out to conquer the coveted Ziclou on the lands of Saint-Gence ! But never lose sight of the flow, Ziclou's freedom depends on it!

©Mathieu Fontaine


The game of Eloi–Solignac

This little gem nestled on the banks of the Briance, lives peacefully in the shade of its immense abbey church but a fairly petrifying story will drive terra adventurers crazy! Launch an assault on Solignac and its unfathomable mysteries...

©Thierry Laporte


Porcelain crackers -Limoges

Limoges is known worldwide for its porcelain. There " Limoges porcelain was born, discovery of kaolin, an essential material for the production of this ceramic. Let's follow in the footsteps of this still very much alive history in the company of my friend Zouti !

Bishop's Garden ©Vutheara-CRTNA


Login Email – Limoges

You are about to make a digital ride in the historic districts of Limoges. To complete the route, it will be necessary to be equipped with a GPS and a Smartphone. Download thefree app allowing you to flash the capital index QR Codes to find the virtual cache! »

©OTI Limoges


Limoges, beautiful by night (Nocturne)

  • Are we going out tonight ! This course takes place at night, in town. Be careful and watch out for traffic. You will pass through the emblematic districts of Limoges, where you can stop for a drink or a meal!
©City of Limoges,Vincent Schrive


Fair winds on the banks of Vienne (At the water's edge) – Limoges

Let's fight! We are waiting for you at port of Naveix to embark and sail on the Vienna. Come on hop… Squeeze!


To the good fortune of the Baron de la Bastide! (Forestry) – Limoges

Go on an adventure in the lung shiso from Limoges!

A fun and ecological activity!

Because respecting and preserving theenvironment are core values ​​of Terra Aventura, eco-responsible adventurers who have collected and then deposited in a collector, the waste encountered on their way, will be rewarded with a badge. Go to a partner Tourist Office with image proof of your eco-citizenship, or flush out Zécolo in his caches, to leave with him!

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