You don't know where to have a snack in Limoges? Explore the city’s gourmet pleasures through our guide to the best places for a tasty snack break. Discover places to taste sweet treats, combining local traditions and friendly atmospheres. Whether you are a traveler eager for discovery or a resident curious about the hidden treasures of your city, prepare yourself for a gourmet getaway to Limoges!

Tea room addresses

  • Vanilla & Tonka tea room – 6 Public Weight Place
    Succumb to the delights concocted by Emmanuelle, who warmly welcomes you and offers a selection of sweets, teas and coffees, all served in real porcelain (and as a bonus the Vanilla & Tonka brioche on Saturdays!)
  • Flan'elles tea room – 8 rue du Temple
    Taste the delights of this tea room: a selection of teas, its essential Viennese chocolate, with the added bonus of a boutique of stylish accessories and savory tarts to enjoy at lunch.
  • Le Consula tea roomt – Courtyard of the Temple
    Immerse yourself in a world where exquisite pastries and drinks are served in antique Limoges porcelain, in an atmosphere reminiscent of 18th century salons.

100% gourmet snack addresses

  • Flognarde & Clafoutis – 16 Place de la Motte Revisited local specialties such as flognarde and clafoutis, offered in sweet and savory versions, with a view of the Halles Centrales de Limoges. And if you're interested, click here to discover the slocal specialties !
  • Cloudffle Club – 1 Pl. de la Motte Taste the famous croffles, a gourmet fusion between the croissant and the waffle. A unique culinary experience not to be missed all year round.
  • Lunch – 6 Rue Jean Jaurès Colorful cuisine, à la carte or set meals with drinks and sweet snacks.
  • Top of our ice cream addresses – Limoges Sorbet or ice cream, we have discovered several addresses full of frozen treats, but the choice of flavors turns out to be the real challenge…

Unusual snack addresses

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  • The Locale – 13 rue de la Boucherie This café-grocery store is a place focused on conviviality and good humor! Come to this address for a gourmet and local break where caffeinated drinks and sweet dishes await you.
  • Chamothé Workshop – 6 Place des Jacobins Come to this colorful ceramic workshop for a creative break accompanied by hot or cold drinks served in original cups made by the workshop's 4 ceramists.
  • Once upon a cat – 9 Rue Jauvion | Nekohi – 2 Rue de la Loi These two places offer a unique experience in cozy tea rooms, where you can delight your taste buds in the company of adorable and cheerful cats who are just waiting to welcome you.
  • The Cyclisterie – 9 rue Elie Berthet Calling bike and/or coffee enthusiasts! This unusual place has been completely renovated to welcome you during your coffee breaks after a sports outing.
  • Moon youa – 11 Rue des Arènes Looking for sweet and original drinks for an unusual gourmet break? Moon Tea is the ideal place for lovers of Bubble Tea, a drink of Taiwanese origin made from tea or milk, garnished with tapioca pearls.
  • Bubble Zen – 9 rue Cruche d’Or Discover a varied range of sweet and savory Vietnamese specialties accompanied by a wide selection of Bubble Tea to enjoy in a beautifully decorated setting, inspired by Vietnam.

Healthy snack addresses

  • The little graine – 2 rue Dalesme It is the ideal address to enjoy a delicious and conscious culinary experience. Enjoy fresh dishes and drinks prepared fresh, offering satisfaction and healthy energy, all accompanied by attentive service.
  • Peach Fit – 7 Rue du Temple This address offers you savory, sweet, gourmet and balanced snacks: waffles, pancakes, protein smoothies and many other treats to indulge yourself while taking care of your body!
The little seed

Addresses for a coffee break

  • Flaherty & co – 17 rue Ferrerie
    Founded in 1986, this place offers you a wide selection of coffees, teas and sweets, as well as coffee and tea gift ideas. Enjoy an elegant setting while tasting a wide range of drinks and sweets.
  • Choncote – 16 Place Léon Betoulle A coffee shop offering specialty coffee, organic teas and cold drinks. Special mention for their homemade pastries, notably their ultra-soft and ultra-delicious cookies.
  • The coffee factoryé – 7 place d’Aine An espresso bar and specialty café offering a selection of fine single origin coffees, coffee cocktails, coffee flavored beers and a variety of hot and cold drinks, in an Anglo-Nordic and musical ambiance.
  • Bream pastrye – 16 Rue Haute-Vienne
    A warm new address located in the heart of the city, offering a varied selection of coffees and pastries combining know-how and quality.

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